Gaywood Close Scaffolding

This scaffolding has been up outside 98-121 Gaywood Close for over a year and we’ve never seen anyone working on it. We’re chasing Metropolitan for answers

The timeline is:

  • 19 April 2019 – Scaffolding is erected at the front of the block
  • October 2019 – Nobody has been seen working on the scaffolding since it’s erected. Certain individual residents send queries
  • February 2020 – Several residents go door to door asking people to report the unused scaffolding to Metropolitan. 25 people sign
  • May 2020Metropolitan said the scaffolding had been originally put up for regular gutter maintenance and the construction company that put it up went bankrupt, hence the scaffolding wasn’t taken down. Metropolitan promised to remove the scaffolding when it was safe to do so
  • June 2020Metropolitan said the scaffolding was for works that will take place in early July
  • 6th July 2020 – Scaffolding is erected at the rear of the block. Metropolitan assure us “the additional cost incurred for the scaffolding and have been assured these will be absorbed by Metropolitan rather charged to the Leaseholders”
  • July 2020Metropolitan tells us the works will complete by 24th August 2020
  • 24th August 2020 – The scaffolding is still up
  • 15th September 2020 – We met with Cllr Marcia Cameron.  She agreed to lobby Metropolitan to remove the scaffolding.  We also, by chance, meet Azhar Butt from Metropolitan.  He says the scaffolding will come down on the week commencing 21st September
  • 22nd September 2020 – Metropolitan now say scaffolding will be removed on 29th September
  • 29th September 2020Three Quarters of the scaffolding is removed
  • 6th October 2020 – All scaffolding is removed.  Hooray!