Cllr Marcia Cameron helps our campaign against unnecessary scaffolding

Local Elections in Lambeth 2014 at the Brixton Recreation Centre, London on the 23/05/2014. Photo: David Tett

Several residents met Cllr Marcia Cameron on Tuesday 15th September. We talked about the unnecessary scaffolding in Gaywood Close

Cllr Marcia heard how the scaffolding was making residents lives a misery. Residents reported water ingress and lack of light. They also reported that they don’t like to open the window in case they’re invaded by squirrels. Another resident, who couldn’t attend personally, objected to living all day in apartments that, due to the scaffolding, had less light. She said “Many of us suffered stress because of this scaffolding, and I’m personally very upset about this and the lack of communication”

Cllr Marcia Cameron agreed to write to Metropolitan to ask why the scaffolding has been up for so long and when it will come down. Cllr Marcia said it was much harder for Metropolitan to ignore a councillor than to ignore a resident. She said she expects a response within 2-3 weeks. Once she gets a response she will forward it to me and I’ll forward it to you.

She also agreed to write to Metropolitan about the fact our stairwell door has been broken since 23rd August.

Whilst we were chatting Deborah spotted Azhar Butt, a manager for Metropolitan. He said he was there to confirm if the work was complete. If the work was complete to his satisfaction the scaffolding would come down next week (i.e. week commencing 21st September). Mr Butt also said Metropolitan would write to everyone in 98 – 121 Gaywood Close to explain why the scaffolding was up for so long and confirm the date it would be removed.

So if the scaffolding does come down next week, remember you read it here first. And if the scaffolding doesn’t come down we have Cllr Marcia to chase this for us.

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