Contact Us

Please get in touch with St Martin’s Tenants and Residents Association

  • You can email
  • You can phone us on 07468 083400
  • You can tweet us on @StMartinsTRA
  • You can join our facebook group

If you wish to make a complaint about us, please follow our complaints policy

You might also find the following contacts useful

Reporting a Repair

How you report a repair depends on who your landlord is:

If your landlord is slow to fix a communal repair (i.e. an issue that affects more than just your household) please also contact us as we may be able to help. If it’s an individual repair please read our advice on how you can resolve the issue yourself

Residents on the estate have used solicitors to remedy defects in their housing, some with more success that others. If you’re thinking of instructing a solicitor about a housing disrepair issue please let us know first and we can put you in touch with people who’ve had similar issues

Booking Community Centres

If you want to hire a community centre or complain about another person who has hired it:

  • For the community centre in Abbots Park phone 0208 674 3038 or email
  • For the old library building or the Scout Hut in High Trees, contact the High Trees CDT

Anti Social Behaviour

If you believe a crime has been committed please phone the police on 101 (in an emergency dial 999).

For other types of anti social behaviour it’s best to resolve it informally

  • If the anti social behaviour is committed by someone in City E-Act Academy uniform, please phone the school on 020 3691 4600. An example of the uniform is here
  • If the anti social behaviour is committed by someone hiring the Abbots Park community centre please email  If you’ve made a complaint about a hirer and are not satisfied with the response to your complaint please contact We know there are particular concerns about noise and parking. We’d be interested to know if the new restrictions work
  • Otherwise please inform the housing association using the contacts in the “Repairs” section

If that doesn’t resolve the problem to your satisfaction please contact us

High Trees CDT runs many activities for young people

Other contacts

If you want legal advice about an issue with your lease please contact the Leasehold Advisory Service on 0207 832 2500

If you want to apply for secure cycle parking on council owned roads (Upper Tulse Hill, Tulse Hill and Roupell Road) please do so here

If you want to dispose of bulky waste there’s advice here

If you want to contact your local councillors or local MP you can do so here

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I think that every single resident needs to be involved with the TRA – full stop! Apathy is in abundance. The guy who started this TRA worked SO damned hard at initiating it and at attempting to entice residents to become involved. I know exactly how tho feels – like trying to push loose water uphill! Ungrateful bunch coming to meetings purely to air their own (oft unrelated) opinions but nothing to contribute towards a common cause. Good luck!


  2. lived on the estate 30 years+.
    The guy who started it…
    …interesting how he suddenly appears and next thing he puts TRA together.
    …very interesting.
    But lets not get conspiratorial…


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