Cycle Parking

Are you a cyclist? And, if so, would bicycle storage on our estate by useful?

We’ve been trying politely to persuade our landlords to install cycle storage since May 2021 but without much success. So we’re going to be going door to door with a petition to demand our landlords take action. This is similar to what we did with the damp campaign and the Williams House pigeons campaign.

If you would find cycle parking useful please email your landlord to say so (, or Contact NHG). And if you live near Upper Tulse Hill or Roupell Road please apply for undercover cycle parking on Lambeth maintained roads . Please contact us to say if you’ve done it.

Here are some of the stories about why cycle storage would make life better

  • Bike storage would mean I was able to use my bike more often. I have arthritis and benefit from the exercise but find it difficult to carry up to my flat. I know of many other bike users also in my area. We have no storage for them and we are forbidden to lock to the railings.
  • I have arthritis, however the GP recommended me to cycle. I love cycling but I live on top floor at Kelyway House and I have to carry my bike up and down the stairs. This has resulted in sciatica pain which has left me in pain. My last bike was stolen when I attached it to rails outside the building so this is my second bike.
  • I have to carry my bike up to my 6th floor flat. The lift, when it works, stops at the 5th floor. I need ground floor parking
  • “We would like to cycle instead of driving. We tried to get 2 spots but it’s impossible and there is no option of parking a bike nearby”
  • We have 5 bikes and we are desperate for a cycling space as Optivo wouldn’t allow us to put them on the balcony
  • Covered bike storage would be a godsend for us. We have four bikes chained up outside the front of the house, and I know there are at least three residents upstairs who have to get their bike along a walkway, down the communal stairs and out through the heavy main door of the block each morning. 
  • I have a bike that I use frequently, and my flatmate would like to buy one as well but currently has not on the basis that we do not have room in the flat.   
  • I want my family to be healthy

Cycle parking would be easy to install. We could use cycle hoops or, as one resident said, “The ground floor of Holbrook House there is ample space to put bike racks indoors”. There may well be space in other blocks too

This issue doesn’t just affects cyclists. We met a non cyclists we supported secure cycle parking because it would stop people parking their bikes of the balconies. And another resident had “friends and clients who come to my house and need some place to store their bikes safely”

Metropolitan residents living in the following blocks would be interested

  • Abbots Park (10 households)
  • Gaywood Close (8 households)
  • 5 in Gwynne House
  • 5 in Kynaston House
  • Saunders House
  • 2 in Tillman House

Optivo residents in the following blocks would be interested

  • 1-35 High Trees
  • Baldwin House
  • Bell House x7
  • Kelyway House x3
  • Loveday House x2
  • Morrison House
  • Tebbs House x3
  • Valens House
  • Worthington House

NHG residents in the following blocks would be interested

  • 14 people in Challice Way
  • Godolphin House
  • 4 in Holbrook House

The status with our landlords is

Optivo says “We’ve put together a location plan for the proposed bike store units & have now approved the quote and raised an order. We’re currently putting together a consultation letter for residents. They should be installed within 8-10 weeks [of 18 March 2022, i.e. by end May 2022] but the necessary ground works may take place sooner, meaning the units can be easily installed once delivered”

NHG says “We will be putting a case forward to install storage sheds for all the reasons you have raised along with other management issues we think this may help us tackle. We will be taking a walkabout [week commencing 15th November 2021] to carry out a ground level assessment”. On 7th February 2022 they added “We have reviewed our estate improvement budget for 2021-22 which is unfortunately spent but would like to start planning now for the upcoming financial year”

We haven’t heard anything from MTVH. But Lambeth Living Streets says “At the Lambeth Council climate action plan launch tonight, very constructive discussion with Metropolitan Housing about the need for cycle storage”