Yellow Qube

When City Heights secondary school was opened, a youth facility was provided by Christchurch Road for the youth of the neighbourhood. It lay dormant until the St Martins Tenants & Residents association campaigned with petitions to Lambeth council, and the facility, now called the Yellow Cube, was opened 2016 amidst much fanfare.

It continued for a few years until it was closed, leaving youths with nowhere local to go.

Sign our petition – Demand the Yellow Qube is reopened

We do not know why it closed. It still has enough money to provide trained youth workers to run the place, money provided by Lambeth Council. But we notice that 17 of 21 trustees have resigned over 8 years.

We in St Martins Estate want Lambeth Council to liaise with the Yellow Qube to open the building as a youth club.

We also ask the Council to suggest 2 residents of St Martins Estate as trustees.

Everyone would benefit from better youth facilities. Here are some of the stories we’ve heard

Sign our petition – Demand the Yellow Qube is reopened

Read the background to the campaign.

Here’s how you can help with the campaign

  • Sign the petition, and ask your neighbours to sign
  • Leaflet your neighbours, contact us for some leaflets
  • Canvass your neighbours to ask them to sign a petition. Contact us to let us know when you’re free and we’ll get other people to help.

We succeeded in the campaign to get the Yellow Qube open. We can succeed in the campaign to get it to stay open