When will the Gaywood Close scaffolding come down?

Thank you to those who signed our petition on the scaffolding outside 98 – 121 Gaywood Close back in February. We have some news on this campaign

We have been contacted by Manjiit Gosal (housing officer from Metropolitan), who confirmed that the scaffolding had been originally put up for regular gutter maintenance. 

He also said that the construction company that put it up went bankrupt and closed, hence the scaffolding wasn’t taken down.

We told him that this is still no excuse for us having to endure one year with these ugly scaffolding threatening our safety and reducing our light and that leaseholder will be looking out for unfair extra service charges in our October 2021 statement.

He has promised that after the lock down is lifted the scaffolding will be taken down promptly. We will monitor this, and if it doesn’t happen we will try to escalate the complaint further (for example, through the Housing Ombudsman).

We will keep you informed, and please let us know what actions you are taking or if you hear anymore news.

You can also help by emailing Manjiit about this. Email contactus@metropolitan.org.uk and mark the email for his attention

We would also like to ask any leaseholder to help our campaign for a more transparent service charges. If you are a leaseholder please get in touch with us with your latest service charge statement to the email above.

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