Leaseholders have the right to see receipts to justify their service charges.  Please use this form to demand them

We’ve had four public meetings for the benefit of leaseholders:

  • A meeting with the Leasehold Advisory Service in January 2015, minutes here .
  • A meeting with Metropolitan Leaseholder Services in April 2016, minutes here .
  • A meeting with the Leasehold Advisory Service in September 2019, minutes here.  We covered section 20 notices and service charges
  • A meeting with the Leasehold Advisory Service in September 2022, minutes here. We covered sinking funds and damp

If you have an old lease you may be being overcharged for administrationFull details here

As a leaseholder you have buildings insurance paid for as part of your service charge.  Here’s how it helped one resident of Gaywood Close

If you think you need an EWS1 form to sell or remortgage your lease it’s best to seek professional advice.  This story from a former resident of Kynaston House may help

There any many issues with NHG service charges.  But we are making progress.  NHG have now said “The sinking fund [what they call cyclical works] will be refunded to leaseholders accounts”.  Revised service charge statements, with the service fund removed, should be issued by soon.  If we don’t get a response by April 2023 we’ll escalate.

As a result of our campaigning MTVH improved the transparency of their service charges for 2021.  But there’s still work to do.  If you’re an MTVH leaseholder please demand receipts for your service charge.  We think they’ve made mistakes but we need receipts to prove it

We know there are many cases where housing associations have demanded service charges that lack transparency or are just plain wrong.  We need to hold our landlords to account to ensure leaseholder service charges are fair.

Nobody in the residents association is a property lawyer. We cannot give legal advice.

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