Success – NHG have installed cycle parking

NHG have installed new cycle parking. This is thanks to our campaign.

The cycle hangars are

  • At the back of 62 – 92 Challice Way
  • Opposite Terry House, by the shopping precinct
  • Between Godolphin House and Harbin House

NHG residents should receive instructions on how to get a key on Monday 6th March. If you haven’t heard by then please contact your housing officer.

NHG have told us cycle parking will be free.

We’ve been campaigning on this since October 2021 and it’s great we’ve succeeded. Thanks to everyone who signed our petition and particularly thanks to everyone who gave up their free time to go door knocking. You made this happen.

We know there’s still issues with cycle parking for Optivo and MTVH. We’re campaigning to fix them.

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