The TRA is campaigning for our landlords to properly deal with damp in residents’ flats.

If you’re affected here’s advice on how to complain. We’ve also set up a support group for people who are involving lawyers

We also campaigned for the council to do a proper survey to assess the problem.  We lobbied the council in July 2019 and they agreed.  The first part of the survey completed in December 2020, it was delayed by the Coroanvirus pandemic.  We should get details of when the second part of the survey will start by the end of 2020

We’re working with Community Organisers who’ve given this really inspiring write up on the campaign

We’ve been fighting this for many years:
In 2016 we held a public meeting with Peter Roach, the Metropolitan repairs manager. He agreed to get a structural engineer to look at the problems. To date (May 2019) we have not of this happening

In 2018 several residents took individual action against their landlords with the support of the TRA. They reported their landlords made the process very unpleasant.