The TRA is campaigning for our landlords to properly deal with damp in residents’ flats.  If you’re affected please make a complaint, and tell us you’ve made it.

We’ve known this was a problem since 2016 when we held a public meeting with over 40 people

In July 2019 we campaigned for the council to do a proper survey to assess the problem.   They agreed

In autumn 2020 the survey completed. It said our landlords “have been aware for a number of years, that there are significant structural defects to the fabric of buildings” but rather than fix the issue they ‘routinely assume that the “lifestyle” and “behaviour” of residents is the primary factor for the presence of condensation damp and mould in fiats. No objective or quantifiable evidence has been produced to support these assertions’.

The council are now suing our landlords.  At a public meeting of 35 residents Cllr Brathwaite said “every block survey by end of April [2021]. Then HAs will publish and share investment plans by June [2021]. Every month HAs will provide results of surveys and work to be done” But this has only happened because residents worked together through the residents association

We’ve received coverage from the Brixton Blog, the South London Press, Inside Housing and the BBC.  And we’re working with Community Organisers who’ve given this really inspiring write up on the campaign

In 2017 and 2018 some people tried involving lawyers as individuals with variable success.  If you’re thinking of involving lawyers please contact us so we can put you in touch with others who have tried it.