The TRA is campaigning for our landlords to properly deal with damp in residents’ flats.  If you’re affected please report it to your landlord and tell us you’ve done it.

As a result of our campaigning the council have threatened to sue our three landlords.  As a result they’ve agreed to do remedial work.  NHG claim their remedial work is largely complete.  MTVH and Optivo claim their remedial work should complete by October.  

We were also promised a full structural report by June 2021.  We got an executive summary for MTVH properties in August 2021.  We’re still waiting on a block by block report of work that needs doing

This remedial work is making a difference to some people.  A resident of 113 – 171 Abbots Park said “all three rooms which had holes in the ceilings from damp and leaks have now been fixed. Too early to say whether it is fixed completely or whether the damp and wet will come through again. After the visit from the MP things started to get moving.  I’ve waited over 8 years for this work to be done and I finally have fully functioning bedrooms that I can decorate and use”

We’ve known this was a problem since we held a public meeting in May 2016.  The council, which regular landlords like ours, has been aware of the problem since 2020. A council commissioned report said our landlords “have been aware for a number of years, that there are significant structural defects to the fabric of buildings” but rather than fix the issue they ‘routinely assume that the “lifestyle” and “behaviour” of residents is the primary factor for the presence of condensation damp and mould in fiats. No objective or quantifiable evidence has been produced to support these assertions’.

We’ve received coverage from the Brixton Blog, the South London Press, Inside Housing and the BBC.  And we’re working with Community Organisers who’ve given this really inspiring write up on the campaign

In 2017 and 2018 some people tried involving lawyers as individuals with variable success.  If you’re thinking of involving lawyers please contact us so we can put you in touch with others who have tried it.