Get Your Free Tickets for Brockwell Park events

Several live music events are planned in Brockwell Park this summer. Local residents who want free tickets must apply by Tuesday 28th March

Ticketed events are happening most days from Friday 26th May to Sunday 4th June. There’s also the free Lambeth Country Show on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June

If you live in most parts of the estate you can apply for free tickets for one of the events. You must do so by Tuesday 28th March

Note there are some strange omissions from who can get free tickets. For example, residents of Abbots Park (misspelt as Abbots Path) can get free tickets but residents of Gaywood Close cannot. Residents of Upper Tulse Hill can get free tickets but people who live in adjoining streets such as Roupell Road, Challice Way and Vibart Gardens cannot. If you live in a part of the estate that’s not entitled to free tickets and would like one please let us know. If there’s enough people interested we can consider a campaign.

If you have any concerns about the events, for example about noise, please email .

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