Petitioning for more cycle parking

Thanks to everyone who helped out petitioning for more cycle parking in Challice Way last Sunday. We heard lots of stories about why cycle parking is necessary

“I have to carry my bike up to my 6th floor flat. The lift, when it works, stops at the 5th floor. I need ground floor parking”

“We would like to cycle instead of driving. We tried to get 2 spots but it’s impossible and there is no option of parking a bike nearby”

“Looking to buy a bike to cycle to work but nowhere to store it in my small flat”

“It’s heavy lifting my bike all the way to my flat”

“I use a bike every day for work but there is nowhere suitable to lock it”

“No storage other than the corridor”

“I want my family to be healthy”

“There is nowhere to put my child’s bike”

And cycle parking in Challice Way would be easy to install. We could add another cycle hoop similar to the one already in Challice Way. And, as one resident said, “The ground floor of Holbrook House there is ample space to put bike racks indoors”

Residents living in other parts of the estate have told us similar stories.

If cycle parking would benefit you please contact us. We need more stories like this.

UPDATE: After we submitted the petitions to NHG they said “We will be putting a case forward to install storage sheds for all the reasons you have raised along with other management issues we think this may help us tackle. We will be taking a walkabout [week commencing 15th November] to carry out a ground level assessment.”

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