We deserve good quality MTVH cyclical works

MTVH claim their cyclical work (mostly repainting and drains cleaning) will be done by the end of March. If it’s of poor quality please let us know.

MTVH are currently doing cyclical works throughout most of their estate. This work affects most of the MTVH managed blocks on our estate. It does not affect 1-20 Gaywood Close, Gwynne, Kynaston, McCormick and Tillman.

This work includes drain cleaning and repainting of the communal areas. Leaseholders will have received a full breakdown of the work down.

MTVH have acknowledged there is a problem with stairwell painting. They have said the contractors will return in March to repaint the floors with better paint.

MTVH have also acknowledged work is not complete in the following blocks. It should be complete by the end of March

  • 11-20 Derrick House
  • 21-30 Gaywood Close
  • 1-15 Jemma Knowles Close
  • 9-14 Neil Wates Crescent
  • Saunders House

Besides that, MTVH believes the work is completed. If you’re unhappy with the work please contact Adila Gredelj (the resident liaison officer) on 07771 191826. If you’re unhappy with the response please email mimi@stmartinstra.blog

MTVH agreed to redo the stairwell painting as the result of our campaigning. We can get them to do a proper job in other areas too. This work has to last for five years and we all want to live on an estate that looks cared for.

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