MTVH cyclical works

MTVH are currently doing cyclical works such as drain cleaning and painting on most of the blocks our estate. Here’s what to do if you’re unhappy with the work they’re doing.

This work affects most of the MTVH managed blocks on our estate. It does not affect 1-20 Gaywood Close, Gwynne, Kynaston, McCormick and Tillman.

This work affects everyone. We all have to pay for it (leaseholders pay for it directly, tenants pay as part of their rent). And we all want to live on an estate that looks cared for.

If your unhappy with any of the work done please email and please copy in

Please check carefully and work that was done by contractors. As an example, here are some problems we encountered in Roupell Road. Check these images in high resolution for more details

  • Railings – in order to paint the metal, you must remove the rusted portion of the railing, then paint with an antirust paint, let dry for at least one day, paint with an undercoat, let dry for another day, and finally paint with the correct paint. This has not been done
  • Ceiling: They have not sanded the ceiling, applied an undercoat, let it dry, and then applied a good wood paint. 
  • Wood and metal work (balconies and railings): You must first remove the rotten wood, fill it or replace it, and then paint the surface.  They are painting it while keeping the rotten wood intact
  • Floor: the paint is already peeling off, very poor paint quality. They should have used a super strong durable oil based Floor Paint

We’ve also had reports from Gaywood Close that “the wood of the balcony in front of my door (105 Gaywood close) is rotten, and the decorators left it unpainted and broke off the rotten parts”

MTVH have agreed that the residents association can be part of the final inspection. We don’t know the date yet but we have been promised two weeks notice. We’ll advertise the date generally once I know. We will make a particular effort to ensure existing complainants can make the date. It’s why it’s important you copy us in on any complaint.

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