Our Estate Will Soon be Run by Three Housing Associations

The St Martins Estate was originally managed entirely by Metropolitan. From 1st April 2017 it will be managed by three housing associations: Metropolitan, Optivo and Notting Hill.

A (partial) list of how the properties will be divided is below. Or see this map

The rights and obligations of leaseholders will continue as before. Credits and debits of tenants will continue as before.

Individual repairs will continue with Metropolitan up to the hand-over.  It will be the responsibility of each housing association to program how and when to carry out major repair works, for example work on an entire block,  on the part of the estate they own.

Communal areas, and estate lighting will be split up, but things like grass-cutting may go to the same contractor.

We’re still waiting for news of who will be responsible for which lights. The estate lighting does require significant investment.

Notting Hill Genesis stock
Brooks House
Challice Way
Godolphin House
Harbin House
Holbrook House

Neil Wates Crescent (everything except 9-14)
Terry House
81-130a Upper Tulse Hill
Vibart Gardens

Optivo stock
Atwater Close
1-8 Bannister Close
Baldwin House
Bell House
Burnell House
Courier House
Ewen Crescent
2-15 High Trees
Hart House
Hamers House
Kelyway House
Loveday House
Maskall Close
Morrison House
Portland House
Strode House
Rickards Close
Roycroft Close
Tebbs House
Upper Tulse Hill (the properties with numbers greater than 200)
Valens House

Metropolitan stock
Abbots Park (we believe all of it)
Derrick House
Gaywood Close (we believe all of it)
Gwynne House
57-58 High Trees
Jemma Knowles Close
Kynaston House
Mc Cormick House
Neil Wates Crescent 9-14
Nicholl Court
Roupell Road 59-69
41-53 Roupell Road (flats ABC)
Saunders House
Sheppard House
Taylor House
Tilman House

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