What Our Gardening Project has achieved

Here’s what our gardening project has done for our local community

☘️ Because of this project, a group of neighbours met and started gardening together

☘️They planted Abbot’s community garden, with flowers, strawberries, herbs for cooking.

☘️They created Challice Way garden, which won the Incredible Edible Lambeth award as the best resident-led Community garden.

☘️They planted a mini orchard near Challice Way and a few more fruit trees for the residents across the estate

☘️They built three planters in Huggins Corner and looked after the flowers

☘️They won funding from the Brockwell Live community fund to help with Huggins corner (special thanks to Clrr Saleha Jaffer for her support)

☘️Our Housing Associations got involved and helped by providing funds and contractors (special thanks to Metropolitan and Pinnacle)

And finally, we won more funding to make Huggins Corner a reality!

🌳 We have engaged with the team from Urban Growth to help us manage the project and we are planning to start work in March, by removing the tarmac from the entire area.

🌳 We also got extra support from our Housing Associations:

o    MTVH (together with Urban Growth)  helped us applying for the funding 

o    Notting Hill and Southern Housing have promised a contribution to the project.

But we still need you, your contribution and enthusiasm!! If you’d like to help out please contact us

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