Congratulations to our new councillors

Congratulations to our newly elected councillors: Olga Fitzroy and Saleha Jaffer.

If you want to contact either of our councillors here are Saleha’s contact details and here are Olga’s contact details

If you have an issue that affects more than just your household please contact us too. We find it more effective to go to councillors as a group rather than as individuals. It shows lots of people care about a particular issue.

Cllrs Ben Kind and Marcia Cameron used to serve as councillors in the St Martins Estate. They still serve but in another part of Lambeth. Particular thanks to Cllr Ben Kind for helping get compensation for Williams House residents when their lift broke and to Cllr Marcia Cameron for helping our campaigns to remove unnecessary scaffolding from Gaywood Close.

Cllr Mary Atkins also used to serve the St Martins Estate. She decided not to seek reelection as a councillor. Here is her letter announcing her decision. The fact our damp campaign has some successes but mostly due to the active support of residents. But it was also due to determined lobbying by Cllr Mary Atkins. Thank you.

Photo Credit: Labour Party

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