Williams House lift & lights

There are multiple problems with Williams House

The lift has been operating very sporadically which causes problems for many residents. In 2021 the lift has been broken on at least the following days:

  • 6th March to 21st April
  • Lift was fixed on 22nd April but almost immediately stopped working. It was fixed again the following day
  • 1st June to 10th June
  • 22nd July to 23rd July
  • 27th July
  • 28th August to 15th September

Jules Bickers, from MTVH, has told Justine from Williams House the lift is life expired and is due for replacement in 2023 “but we are considering whether the renewal needs to be brought forward into the programme for next year.  That would be a major undertaking and something we would want to discuss with you and the residents in Williams House”.  Justine asked him to put detailed proposals in writing on 25th July 2021 and hasn’t heard from him since.  

In September 2021 MTVH offered all residents compensation for the repeated failures

There was a problem with pigeons infesting the communal stairwells. Metropolitan fobbed residents off initially but finally took action after a community campaign.

The lighting in Williams House has been very sporadic. This is causing big problems for people. The history of this problem is

  • 10th April to 12th April – Stairwell in complete darkness
  • 22nd July to 23rd July – Many lights out of service
  • 27th July – Many lights out of service

We think the lighting issue is now fixed