Sheppard House residents deserve compensation for broken lift

The lift for Sheppard House is finally fixed having been out of action from December 2021 to April 2022. We’re trying to get compensation for the months it was broken.

Residents got compensation when the lift broke in Williams House . We should get it here too.

We imagine MTVH will insist residents will have to apply for compensation individually, that’s what the insisted when the Gwynne House lift broke. If you live in 1-26 Sheppard House please demand compensation by sending the following email.



Subject: Formal complaint

I wish to make a formal complaint about the fact the Sheppard House lift was out of order from December 2021 until 8th April 2022. I understand when the Williams House lift was broken residents received compensation. I demand similar compensation for my household

Let us know as soon as you get a response

Residents were badly affected by the lack of a lift. They deserve compensation.

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