How MTVH works affect leaseholders

MTVH sent out section 20 notices to leaseholders late in April 2022. It’s for their cyclical decorations program. Leaseholders should make sure they know their rights

If you’ve received an invoice please contact us to say how much you’re paying for these works. Then we can update this spreadsheet. We’ve already found two people living in the same block paying different charges. If we have more data we might be able to uncover more discrepancies.

The Leasehold Advisory Service came to our estate in 2019 and gave this advice on how to handle section 20 consultations. If you think MTVH aren’t following this advice please email If you’re not happy with the response contact the Leasehold Advisory Service. Please copy us in on any correspondence. If we find the same issues keep coming up we can ask the Leasehold Advisory Service to address a public meeting.

Finally, one leaseholder has asked whether MTVH have the right to charge the 10% management fee. It will depend on what it says in your lease. But do please put that question to

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