Sheppard House lift hasn’t worked all year

The lift at Sheppard House has been working very sporadically since December 2021. It was only fixed on 8th April 2022. This affected lots of residents

“I come in tired from work every day and having to walk up four floors is affecting my knees”

“My elderley mother has issues going up the stairs”

“It’s hard going up the stairs with young children”

“It’s hard to carry a pram on the stairs”

“It’s hard to move heavy shopping”

“Some delivery drivers refuse to come if there is no lift”

Residents have been told MTVH is missing a part. We got a similar story in Taylor House. But some aren’t convinced

“We have been told that a part has to be made. Surely MTV should have contractors that can get these parts quicker”

“I’m sure if the lift broke down in an MTV office block it would be fixed quicker”

“We have lost valuable time raising repair requests”

When a lift broke in Williams House in 2021 we got compensation for residents. We hope to do the same here.

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