Lack of a lift affected Gwynne House residents

Residents in Gwynne House were badly affected by the lack of lift for almost two months last year.

Some people in the block have mobility difficulties

  • “I have two disabled children with a wheelchair. It was impossible physically to lift them and take them into the flat. It was stressful for the children as they did not know what was going on”
  • “We have a child with neuro disabilities who is unsteady on her feet”
  • “My toddler fell down three times injuring himself. When I called I was told that my son was old enough to walk down stairs”
  • “I had to carry heavy shopping with an injury. I sometimes fell whilst carrying the shopping. This made the injury worse”
  • “I am diagnosed with Osteo Arthistis”
  • “I am asthamtic which makes me run out of breath easily whilst climbing stairs”
  • “I had to carry heavy shopping upstairs. This affected my knee’s health. I am still feeling the pain”
  • “I have intestinal problems which makes walking up and down stairs very difficult”
  • “I have a back problem. It was hard to walk up to my flat”
  • “It was very hard for me to use the steps every day for months as I suffer from back and hip pains”

There were issues carrying heavy items to flats

  • “As a workman I had to carry tools up and down stairs each day”
  • “I was limited to the amount of shopping I could take home”
  • “I was carrying an electric bike up to my flat” (two people mentioned this)
  • “When we went on holiday we had to carry four suitcases that weighted 22kg each from the 5th floor to the ground floor”

It was hard for guests to visit

  • “I was unable to allow my 89 year old mother to visit”
  • “My daughter found it difficult to carry my one year old grandson up and down the stairs”
  • “My family could not visit because of problems walking up the stairs”

People were angry at the lack of response from MTVH

  • “I was calling the office and never getting any answers”
  • “I pay rent for a flat with a lift”

Bell, our MP, is working hard to get compensation. If you were affected please complain.

We know there are also problems with the lift in Sheppard House, Taylor House and Godolphin House. We’ll make sure those residents get compensation too.

Phone Credit: Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP

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