Godolphin House lift is broken

Disabled people are suffering due to the broken lift in 25 – 34 Godolphin House .

In February a resident admitted into hospital in the early hours of the morning, the ambulance had difficulties getting her down the stairs as they had to carry her. This was because they could not use the lift

Making individual formal complaints to NHG is the standard procedure which rarely brings justice to the tenant. We can be louder and have more impact if we shout together and support each other as a united body. We’ve asked all residents to put in a complaints

Here are some stories we’ve heard

  • “I have restricted mobility (sciatica), and in order for me to leave my flat on the 4th floor, it is essential that the lift is in working order. I cannot get down the stairs without excruciating pain”
  • “It’s hard to take shopping or any bulky items”
  • “The lift repairs timescale is ridiculously long”
  • “I have a double buggy for my babies. I can’t manage this without a lift”
  • “It’s hard to get my shopping to my flat without the lift. Particularly with my back problems”
  • “I have arthritis that makes carrying shopping up the stairs difficult”

If you’ve been affected by this link please email marwa.bytyci@nhg.org.uk to complain. Any please copy in StMartinsResidentsLambeth@stmartinsresidentslambeth

In Williams House we got a fixed lift and compensation. We can do that here too

We all rely on a functioning lift to receive deliveries and to move heavy or large items. Families with children rely on them too. But it is an utmost necessity for the disabled, the fragile and the elderly. Our dependence on a functioning lift has been made all the greater during the COVID 19 pandemic, allowing us to properly isolate and socially distance.

NHG has a responsibility to monitor the quality of repairs and to ensure tenants are not put at unnecessary risk or inconvenience. This has not been done and we want answers.

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