Public Meeting – Demand Real Action on Damp

Please come to our public meeting on the evening of Thursday 10th February. Demand real action on damp

In February 2020 the council threatened to take legal action against our Housing Associations to force them to fix damp.  This was the result of our campaigning.  This threat has resulted in some good work done by our landlords but a lot of people are still unhappy.  We’re having a public meeting in February to discuss the next steps

Public Meeting – Demand Action on Damp

Thursday 10th February, 6:30pm

Online meeting, join with this zoom link

Representatives of the housing associations will be there.  So if you’re not satisfied with the work done, or the work not done, please come to ask when it will be done.

Cllr Maria Kay, the cabinet member for housing, will be there.  So if you’re not satisfied with the landlord’s response she can talk about how to escalate it.

If you’re planning to come to ask a question about your flat it is helpful, but not essential, to let us know in advance.  That way we can ensure the councillors and the landlords are briefed in advance and won’t fob us off with “I’ll get back to you”.

If you know someone who is affected by damp but cannot attend an online meeting (perhaps because they lack an internet connection) please come to put a question on their behalf.  Or contact us and ask the chair to put in a question on their behalf.

If you are affected by damp and haven’t reported it yet please do so

Please come – it’s really important our landlords and the council know how important this issue is to residents.

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