Please report damp to your landlord

Our landlords have written to everyone on the estate asking them to report damp if it exists. Please reply to them.

If you are a Metropolitan resident please phone MPA Surveyors on 020 8466 6353 to book an appointment.

If you are an Optivo resident please email or phone 0800 121 60 60 to book an appointment. (please use this address, not, here’s why)

We haven’t heard what Notting Hill Genesis is planning. But please report any damp to then using your NHG account.

Please copy us in on on any email you send

Please report any damp to them, no matter how small. We’re trying to prove damp is a block wide problem in certain properties. The more evidence we have to support this the better.

If you’ve already had a survey from MPA Surveyors (Metropolitan or Optivo) or Notting Hill Genesis in house team there’s no need to book another one

2 thoughts on “Please report damp to your landlord

  1. I reported damp over one year’s ago they came twice but nothing seems to be OK because they will come tome removed the damp they will tell you that they will be here next week but never come back. Till today


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