When will our landlords take action on damp

Our landlords claim to have been doing work over the summer to fix damp.  Some people are happy with this work, but we’ve heard of many more people who are not

We’re planning to escalate this campaign to force our landlords to act.  Watch this space for more details.


  • “The guttering & downpipe were replaced & repaired in October 2020 but this proved ineffective. The contractors could only clear the gutter as far as they could reach from the scaffolding” (Abbots Park)
  • “Had repaint in autumn 2020, damp coming back in March 2021” (Abbots Park)
  • “They did carry out some work against damp but in October 2021 water was literally pouring out of the ceiling” (Abbots Park, see picture at the top of this page)
  • “They assessed the damp and fixed it, but it’s only a short term work around. The contractor told us that our neighbour doesn’t have something in their bathroom which is causing us to have damp issues … He said they can not work on the [neighbour’s] property because it’s not a council house” (Abbots Park)
  • “None of the issues addressed in the survey have been rectified and they have not communicated to me what they have done” (Kynaston House).
  • “Remedial works in October 2020 made little difference” (Gaywood Close)
  • “I’ve been told works are needed but have no date for them” (Saunders House)
  • “the job that Metropolitan housing is doing is not a job that will last, as they are covering the damp with anti damp paint. No work done on the communal areas” (Saunders House)
  • “Workers visited March 2021 but no work done” (Williams House)


  • “Damp in bedroom & bathroom.  Reported to NHG but no response Sep 21” (Godolphin House)
  • “they came for the survey and are refusing to give me a copy when I requested for it and secondly they did not give me any date or time to carry any work” (Godolphin House)
  • “NHG has done some work but as of Oct 21 still spraying to get rid of mold” (Godolphin House)
  • “The fans in the bathroom and kitchen don’t work.  Have to have buckets in the kitchen.  Can see condensation going down walls.  Dirty water bubbles up the bath plughole.  Sometimes no lighting in the bathroom as water in the electrics” (Godolphin House)


  • “had 3 surveys done then nothing” (Morrison House)
  • “Surveyor called in summer.  Found leaking in the bathroom affecting the wall but no plumber has come.   Black mold in bathroom & toilet” (Morrison House)
  • “Replastered kitchen & bathroom walls, concluding Jan 21.  Anti damp paint in bedroom & kitchen.  Optivo asked me to sign off but wouldn’t.  Worried it was a temporary fix only” (Morrison House)
  • “I have been told, verbally, that the damp in my property cannot be really sorted unless structural works are done on the building” (Morrison House)
  • “Offered fans on 22/6/21, told must be on 24/7. the damp still exist in 10/21. I was told that the kitchen will be done in April next year and the ceiling and passage are still the same as when I reported it … it’s affecting my health.” (Morrison House)
  • “performed the survey in August 2021 but they did not give me any details of what works they will perform and when” (Morrison House)
  • “Damp inspectors in May 2021 & September 2021.  So far no work done” (Baldwin House)
  • “mould has started appearing on one of the bedroom walls. I have wiped it with various products but it still appears. The house was inspected for damp but at that time it was not an issue.” (Baldwin House)
  • “had damp issues reported many times as well as complained but no joy, no one even came visited her property” (Roycroft Close)
  • “I also requested a surveyor for some dampness  in the flat and no response” (Roycroft Close)

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