Victory in Gaywood Close scaffolding campaign

After almost eighteen months the Gaywood Close scaffolding was taken down in October. Here is a personal message from Chris about the campaign

I remember seeing the scaffolding going up in April 2019 and thinking it was odd. But it wasn’t until I spoke to Annalisa that she gave me the resolve to campaign. Fighting Metropolitan on your own is hard. Fighting it with other people is much easier.

And it was good to take a pro forma letter to Metropolitan round my neighbours. It was there I met Doris who thought she was the only person who cared about the scaffolding. We assured her she wasn’t. I think having a residents association made her feel less isolated.

In hindsight the tactic that worked the best was probably Annalisa and me putting in formal complaints to . Metropolitan seem to pay more attention to that than to emails to . So please do complain to this email if you’ve been let down by Metropolitan. Both Annalisa and I got £100 off them for poor complaint handling.

We also held a meeting (outside and socially distanced) with Cllr Marcia Cameron. It was there I first met Azhar Butt who was organising the work for Metropolitan. I think that helped too. Thanks to all who attended.

So now the scaffolding issue is resolved, but there’s lots of other issues on our estate. Please come to our AGM on Tuesday 10th November to discuss the way forward and find out how you can help.

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