Beware of anti damp paint

We’ve heard Metropolitan is offering residents affected by damp a treatment of anti damp paint. Our experience is this makes little difference

A resident of 1-20 Gaywood Close and she said “They told that to me many years ago. And said that I won’t come back. After 6 months it came back with vengeance.”

A resident of Morrison House about this. She said “Optivo painted the toilet room with ‘special’ paint in September 2018. The paint is flying off the wall anytime someone walks into the room”

If you’re offered such a treatment it’s obviously it’s up to you whether or not you accept the work. But if this is typical it seems it won’t make much difference.

What will make a difference is a survey to work out what’s wrong with the building. We’re chasing Metropolitan for that via our MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy. We’re also chasing Lambeth Council. If you come to our AGM you should hear more about the latter survey.

Nobody in the TRA is a lawyer. This is not legal advice

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