Metropolitan are consulting on leaseholder service charges

Metropolitan leaseholders will have received a letter from Metropolitan regarding tendering for services such as internal cleaning and we are allowed to make observations. Please tell Metropolitan their charges need to be more transparent

It’s up to you what observation you want to make, but if it helps this is what the TRA Secretary (me!) will send to Metropolitan.  You need to send this by 20th November 2020


We understand you are planning to enter into a qualifying long term agreement to provide services such as grounds maintenance and internal cleaning. I wish to make the following observations.

We demand that any contractor clearly states how the costs are divided between blocks. It is not sufficient to receive a receipt that gives an estate wide cost, we need to know how the figure for each block is obtained from this.

We demand that a contractor states clearly what services are being provided for this cost. For example, one of our blocks is currently charged £7,287.74 for internal cleaning for a cleaner that visits about one hour a week.

We want to know from any future contractor exactly what residents are getting in exchange for this £7,287.74. £140/hour for a cleaner seems poor value for money

Please let us know if you get any response

The Leasehold Advisory Service has this guide to section 20 consultations

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