Victory in Abbots Park mice campaign

Residents in Abbots Park campaigned for decent pest control – and they won

Back in June 2020 we heard from Terry in 113 – 171 Abbots Park. He was having huge problems with mice in his block but whenever he asked Metropolitan to send pest control they said it was a problem for individual residents.

So Annalisa designed a pro forma letter to Metropolitan and Terry went door to door asking people to sign. Obviously he didn’t knock on the door of strangers, this would be intrusive in the middle of a pandemic. But he did speak to the people in his block that he knew. For people he didn’t know he posted a leaflet through their door and we chased them by phone and email. We heard some shocking stories about how the mice infestation affected people.

And we won. Shortly after we’d showed Metropolitan how many people were affected they agreed to send pest control. On Thursday 16th July 2020, Matt from Ark pest control, visited 113 – 171 Abbots Park to see the extent of the problem. He noted several issues & will make his report. He is due to return on 3rd August.

We’re now planning something similar with an ant infestation in Baldwin House.

If you’ve got a similar problem with an infestation in your block please get in touch. We can achieve more together than we can on our own.

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