Mice are making people’s lived a misery

Ten people have now reported mice in 113-171 Abbots Park. And we’ve heard some horrible stories

The infestation “has manifested a phobia of the mice which has left me with sleepless nights, I have had major surgery recently which has made me fearful of infection as the mice are getting everywhere”

“I have a workshop with expensive materials in which are being damaged”

“You hear them in the walls … It’s hideous having mouse droppings everywhere, having food not in plastic container contaminated”

“The mice and in the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, hallway and balcony. Mice carry disease and leave droppings all over the house. They are causing damage to clothing and furnishings”

“They were in the kitchen and sitting room … It is very unhygenic for health reasons and leaves droppings which requires constant cleaning and disinfection”

“The mice leave their dropping around the whole property specifically in the kitchen … I have also developed a phobia towards mice”

“The constantly scratching on the ceiling exacerbates a phobia”

We’ll see if Metropolitan respond to our repair reports. If not we’ll report them to Lambeth Environmental Health

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