Independent Surveyor on damp

Cllr Paul Gadsby has given us more information on the survey Lambeth Council will commission to combat the damp on our estate

  • The Council will instruct an independent environmental health officer in the next few weeks, certainly by the end of the 1st week of September. That person will review the landlord’s action plans and conduct sample inspections, followed by recommendations
  • The officer will liaise with the residents association about how to run the survey.
  • The residents association will see a copy of the report when it is complete.

The Housing Associations are also running their own surveys. What they have told us is.

  • Optivo surveys will be available by October. The results will be shared with the residents association
  • Metropolitan are doing stock condition survey which will be completed by September, with prices. This will mean choices to be made. This will be discussed with the residents association.
  • Notting Hill have already done surveys and will provide us with the results soon.

We’ll let you know as soon as I have further news.

Obviously we have had people promising surveys before. What we hope makes this different is that we’ll have an independent survey as well as the ones our housing associations have promised us. And this is a very public campaign. It’s been raised at the council meeting and covered by the Brixton Blog and the South London Press. Since we started campaigning in 2016 we’ve never had this much progress.

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