Big Victory in the Damp Campaign

Thanks to everyone who supported us in our lobby of Lambeth Council on Wednesday 17th July. Lambeth Council agreed to appoint an environmental inspector to look at the affected blocks. Full details here

We’ve been trying for over three years to get a survey of the blocks to prove there is a structural problem and not a problem with individual residents lifestyles. So this is a huge victory.

Of course, we were promised action of damp by Metropolitan in May 2016 and it didn’t happen. What, I hope, makes this different is that the promise was made in front of the entire council, it is recorded in the council minutes and was covered by the Brixton Blog. It was a very public declaration of support for our campaign,

Of course, lots of people were needed to make this happen. Too many to list, but particular thanks to the following people.

  • Speakers at the council meeting – Terry Cooper and Saleha Jaffer
  • Poster design – Anna Birley
  • Poster distribution – Chris Blake, Terry Curtis, Peter Hurst, Stephen Kearney,
  • Press – Louise Zecevic
  • Production team – Cllr Mary Atkins, Chris Blake, Stephen Kearney,.

We now need to make sure the survey happens and our landlords act on it. Watch this space for further details.

Photo credits: Paul Gadsby and Graham Weston

2 thoughts on “Big Victory in the Damp Campaign

  1. Thomas & Son Consulting are independent surveyors most of which are qualified Environmental Health professionals that operate throughout the UK in housing disrepair matters.

    We recently noticed your blog on the damp and mould in your estate and would be interested in helping in completing surveys and reports for your TMO.

    We can be contacted on



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