Pigeons in Williams House

An infestation of pigeons is causing a big problem at Williams House. The pigeons are noisy, frighten children, and we’re worried their droppings are a safety hazard

Throughout the years, the residents of Williams have contacted Metropolitan about the following ongoing issue: pigeons getting in and trapped in the building.

Residents have made formal complaints through MTVH.co.uk, they have emailed Metropolitan, they have called Metropolitan, they even tweeted at Metropolitan. Each time Metropolitan has either decided to fob them off, sent a team that doesn’t seem to see the pigeons and you even blamed the tenants for the pigeons getting into the building. This has got to stop.

The residents of Williams House are formally asking Metropolitan to send a team of experts in pest control so that they can assess and determine where the pigeons are coming from and solve the problem for good. We will not be satisfied by another one of your team coming to see for themselves. We demand and deserve a real fix to this problem. Moreover, we also demand that the building be professionally cleaned regularly as the pigeons are making an incredible mess.

By ignoring our ongoing complaints Metropolitan are choosing to put the safety and health of your tenants at risk. The pigeons are making it difficult to access our front doors, they relieve themselves everywhere, fly above us. It is just a matter of time until an accident happens.

This affects people in any number of ways

  • “I have small children that like to play on the balcony and with having bird muck everywhere it causes them discomfort. My kids get frightened of the birds”
  • “The pigeons roost of the window sill and a very noisy. They wake me up every morning with their terrible noise”
  • “When we leave for work or get home it’s often a negotiation moment with the pigeons”
  • “I am scared that one day someone will hit their head or trip as they try to avoid the pigeons”

But mostly if affects people because of the pigeon droppings

  • “These creatures cause diseases from their droppings and the dust from their feathers, they are a potential health risk, my wife and I are fighting a loosing battle trying to maintain our window ledges and balcony free from this vermin and their constant nuisance, we can hear them roosting at night from the fifth floor”
  • “I am very hygienic and I take it upon myself to clean up which affects me physically and mentally”
  • “The pigeons relieve themselves right at our door which is disgusting”
  • “It is left to the residents to clean which is unacceptable. In the two years I have lived her I have never seen a cleaner”
  • “This situation is a health and hygiene matter. There are bird dropping along the landing”
  • “Our window seals are full of pigeon droppings. Pigeons cause disease. After cleaning our windows seals my wife and I experience diarrhoea like symptoms”

One resident complained by email on 14th January 2021 and got no response

One resident Laurene complained by twitter on 8th May 2021 and 21st May 2021 and got no response

Laurene and Chris went door to collecting complaints. We sent them to Metropolitan by email and post on 28th May 2021

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