No lights in Williams House stairwell

In early April there were no lights at all in the Williams House stairwell. We won this campaign via twitter.

Within a day of us posting this story to twitter Metropolitan fixed the stairwell lights. Thanks to all who supported the campaign.

MTVH has a responsibility to monitor the quality of repairs and to ensure tenants and not put at unnecessary risk or inconvenience. This has not been done and we want answers

“My grandson refuses to come in the block. He is scared of the lack of lighting”

“My children get scared from not being able to see where we are going”

“People sometimes leave rubbish around making it hard to avoid without any lights”

“I almost took a tumble on the stairs. If I didn’t hold onto the handrail I would definitely have hurt myself”

“I work shifts so can leave at 4am. There are no stair lights when I leave for work”.

“The block is often in complete darkness. Residents are forced to navigate using torches on their phones”

We cannot become accoustomed to substandard treatment.

Please complaint to, and please copy in

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