Compensation for Williams House lift failures

The Williams House lift has been broken for a significant part of 2021. MTVH have agreed to pay compensation as a result of our campaigning.

MTVH wrote to Cllr Ben Kind on Friday 24th September to say “we have served our residents poorly and they have been subject to repeated and frustrating delays and interruptions to a service for which they are paying.  MTVH will be compensating everyone in Williams House for the inconvenience that has been caused.  While this gesture will no doubt be welcome, I know residents simply want a reliable lift in the block”

The compensation was £250 per household

The lift has been broken for a significant part of 2021 which is causing problems for many residents.

Particular thanks to Justine for collecting the pro forma complaints, and to Cllr Ben for lobbying on our behalf.

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