When will the Williams House lift be fixed?

Williams House residents have recently had to deal with constant breakdowns of their lift and long wait times for repairs to be made.

This lift has been unreliable throughout 2021

MTVH has a responsibility to monitor the quality of repairs and to ensure tenants and not put at unnecessary risk or inconvenience. This has not been done and we want answers

“”I am waiting on a hospital appointment to do with my legs. When the lift is not working it is hard for me to walk up the stairs”

“I live of the 5th floor, it’s hard for me to go by the stairs with two small children”

“I have problems with people wanting to deliver items due to them not being willing to come up the stairs”. Often “delivery person needs to be met downstairs”

“When we do the food shopping there are many bags to bring up which is extremely different when you have to bring them up five flights of stairs”

“My 62 year old mother has problems with her knee. It is a daily struggle for her to climb the stairs to the fifth floor flat”

“I often receive large boxes of deliveries for my work which are extremely heavy and unsafe to carry up and down the staircase”

“I have issues with my knees, so walking up to the fourth floor is a strain, especially when I have shopping. I wish to leave Williams House and have asked for a transfer”

“There is a constant loud announcement ‘this lift is out of service’. I live by the stairwell and this is affecting our sleep patterns”.

We cannot allow ourseleves to become accustomed to substandard treatment.

If this issue affects you please email contactus@metropolitan.org.uk, and please copy in StMartinsResidentsLambeth@gmail.com

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