We were on BBC Radio London

Our damp campaign got over two hours of coverage on BBC Radio London on Tuesday 2nd March with lots of residents phoning in to tell their stories. And we got on the BBC website and in the Brixton Blog

Eddie Nestor, the host said “Let’s try our best as a local radio station to keep this on the agenda… we’ll name all the housing associations, we’ll monitor how the trial goes.”

Also featured on the show were Social Housing Action who gave us this write up

Louise, a journalist from Gaywood Close described it as “amazing coverage”.

We also got on the BBC website and in the Brixton Blog

So we’re getting the word out: Lambeth Council is taking legal action against housing associations because of our campaigning. Now please come to the public meeting on Wednesday 17th March to hear about the next steps are in the campaign.

(Photo Credit: Twitter)

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