How to complain about MTVH cyclical works

MTVH are currently doing cyclical works throughout the estate. If you’re unhappy with what’s been done here’s how to complain

If you are unhappy with the work that’s been done please first report the issue to Adila Gredelj on 07771 191826. They work for Axis, the contractors, as a resident liaison officer. We don’t know their email.

If you’re not satisfied with the response please let us know. Please include pictures if you can.

MTVH currently anticipate the work finishing in March 2023. We will be in touch with MTVH before then so it’s important we know of any issues. We don’t yet know the final arrangements for sign off.

Most of this work affects everyone: leaseholders pay for this directly, tenants pay for this through their rent. However, one issue affects leaseholders only. The work is guaranteed so if a fault develops within the first year there will be no charge to leaseholders. But it’s best if we catch faults before the work is accepted.

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