Are you happy with MTVH cyclical works?

MTVH have informed us they will be checking if the cyclical work has been done to an acceptable standard on Tuesday 10th January. If you haven’t done already, please let us know if you have any concerns.

We will be visiting the following blocks only

  • 25 – 121 Gaywood Close
  • Roupell Road

If you are concerned that the work MTVH has done in your block is of poor quality please contact us with details so we can raise the issue on Tuesday 10th.

If you are not sure if the work MTVH has done is of good quality please double check. Antonio has done this guide you can use for checking

We’re still not sure exactly how the sign off process will work on the day. We’re chasing MTVH for details.

Cyclical work affects both tenants and leaseholders: leaseholders pay for it directly, tenants pay for it through their rent. But one issue does affect leaseholders only. You should have received a “schedule of work” in September this year giving details of exactly what work MTVH were going to carry out . Please check they have done all the work they said they would do. You’re going to be billed for all this work, so it’s really important to check it’s done.

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