NHG is installing cycle parking

NHG have purchased secure cycle storage

On 8th November we received an email from NHG. It read

I just wanted to let you know that NHG have now purchased three hangers from Cycle Hoop.

They unfortunately have a lead time of late March to the beginning of April, however we are on their cancellation list in case an earlier slot becomes available.

They are extremely experienced in the installation of these hangers and will be meeting with [NHG] closer to the time to view the areas where they will be located. [NHG] will be in touch to obtain more feedback from residents.

If you are an NHG resident who would like cycle storage please let us know. We want to make sure NHG installs enough cycle storage and the install it in areas with high demand

Thanks to everyone who helped out petitioning for more cycle parking (including our two councillors Olga Fitzroy and Saleha Jaffer). Campaigning works.

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