MTVH leaseholders may be due a service charge refund

MTVH owes some leaseholders money because their service charges estimates are too high. Please check if this applies to you

MTVH did an End of Year Adjustment to our service charge accounts on 20th September 2022.  This compares the estimated service charge to the actuals to ascertain if you are due a refund.  

MTVH doesn’t appear to have sent out the corresponding paperwork but if you have an account at you can find out if you are due a refund by logging in then looking under the “Accounts” tab.  Check for an entry marked “End Of Year Adjustment” on 20th September

If you are due a refund please demand it is paid directly into your bank account.  MTVH won’t do it unless you actively ask them. Here is the relevant web form

If MTVH claim you owe them money the issue then becomes if they can they legally demand it. The first step is demand they send you a written statement

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