Pharoah Ants In Baldwin House

Some success in the campaign against Pharoah ants in Baldwin house.

There had been previous infestation in 2020 in larger of 2 blocks of Baldwin House, and Optivo had called in pest Control.

This summer the ants returned in numbers. Residents complained to Optivo, who   insisted we provide evidence of general infestation. They would not join the dots from the complaints. 

The residents association knocked on doors in Baldwin House and sent off number of further complaints.

Optivo then agreed to send in pest control but only for communal areas, which in fact ants showed no interest in invading. We discussed with pest control, and it was agreed that all that would happen is that ants would avoid areas that were treated.

Optivo have now agreed to treat all flats where they have evidence of ants, and then consider if further treatment is required.

Image Credit: Stephen Ausmus, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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