Baldwin House Ants

Baldwin House is infested with ants. There’s no point us getting pest control in as individuals: the ants will simply move to the next flat. We need our landlord to do pest control for the entire building.

In late August 2020 we went door to door with a form asking everyone to complain about ants in their flat

On 21st September 2020 Optivo “raised a repair to treat the communal areas and a number of flats in Baldwin House … The job reference number is 1548555”. We asked everyone in Baldwin House to ask if their flat was part of this job.

On Thursday 22nd October 2020 Optivo agreed to treat every property in Baldwin House for insect infestations. They also agreed this was an emergency. Job number SLF1561892. They said the contractor was coming on 12th November

By January 2021 all ants are gone. We won. But we only won because residents worked together to challenge Optivo