MTVH residents want cycle parking

Thanks to everyone who helped petition for more cycle parking. We found 25 MTVH residents who wanted parking. Here are some of the stories we heard

“For the past two weeks we had a lift breakdown [in Saunders House] and I had to carry the bicycle to the 4th floor every day coming home from work”

“When my friends visit my place they leave their bikes in my yard. We have had to foil several attempts of theft”

“Bicycles are often left on landings with is a fire hazard”

“It’s difficult to store bikes on our balcony”

“Bikes are being stolen”

“The house is packed and it’s a hassle finding space for my bicycle”

“I want to commute via bike but can’t store it here”

If you would use secure cycle parking please sign out petition to demand it

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