NHG Leaseholder Issues

There are some issues with service charges that concern NHG leaseholders

Every year our landlords collect the service charge from us in order to pay for maintenance of communal parts of the blocks and the estate. There are several common practices and stages of this process that landlords need to carry out and there are laws that they have to follow.

NHG has recently emailed leaseholders because some of the above practices have not been followed correctly. Yemi and Sophie, with the help of the TRA and other leaseholders have been trying to get NHG to correct these issues for some time and in some cases as far back as 2017.

The issues are complicated, so for now all you need to know is that Yemi and Sophie are following up with NHG.  Some of the issues are more serious so they are working with our MP, Bell Rebeiro-Addy to resolve them.  They are also working with leaseholders from other estates who have experienced issues with NHG in order to ensure that NHG are held to account.

As stated, the issues are complex, but if you are interested in understanding the detail here are notes to NHG’s email to explain the individual issues we raised that NHG is trying to resolve and why they matter.  You do not need to do anything for now as we are working on this on behalf of all NHG leaseholders.  However, we would recommend you attend the TRA’s meeting with the Leasehold Advisory Service on 7th September as they will be providing professional advice on some of the issues.

NHG has also been asked to write to leaseholders by letter post with the information contained in their email to ensure that all leaseholders are properly informed.

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