Meeting Our MP

38 residents came to hear our MP on 30th June. Bell MP was disgusted by how little was offered to Gwynne House residents for their lift failure and everyone agreed


MP for Streatham, Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP and Cllr Saleha Jaffer

37 residents:

Apologies from Cllr Olga Fitzroy

Introduction by MP

Gwynne House

Bell was appalled by Metropolitan, esp on compensation for Gwynne House lift. There was an issue over lifts throughout estate. MTVH were making it difficult for residents to claim compensation.

MTVH said Gwynne House lift out for 6 weeks, so £20 offered. Time lift out will be challenged. Florence from Gwynne said lift out since before 12 Oct. and took 3 months to repair just before Xmas.

Bell was disgusted by how little was offered and everyone agreed.

(Action: CB to speak to Julie, Christina and Andy to check exact dates lift were broken.)

Sheppard House

Emmanuel from Sheppard House said he had been offered compensation of £120 when lift out of service for 12 weeks. A disabled resident could not come out of his flat for months. Also intercom had not been working for 2 years.

Ground floor residents were to have been paid only £4.00 but will now be paid same as for residents on other floors.

Residents from Sheppard House agreed to compensation offered, except for amount offered to disabled.

ACTION: Emmanuel will speak to that resident to see if he wishes to pursue claim.

Taylor House

Cllr Jaffer said Taylor House lift had been out for 23 weeks, MTVH would not pay for 1st 4 weeks, so £190 had been offered

MP wished to know whether offer to Taylor House residents was acceptable to Taylor House residents


Williams James and James Senoo will help out on media and arrange a video diary. CB to contact to arrange logistics

NHG Service Charges

NHG service charges raised by Sophie Wintrich. Lack of transparency Query over Sinking fund. Yemi Daji and Sophie Wintrich asked why Lambeth have not brought a prosecution against NHG over lack of reconclied accounts. Cllr Jaffer suggested residents attend a Council Scrutiny meeting.

MP said most of her caseload related to housing assoc.

ACTION: SW to send documents to MP, and to Cllr Jaffer to raise as an issue with housing Scrutiny Committee.

Water Rates Compensation

Dennis Jones raised water rates compensation and in particular the difference between what Lambeth Council had paid out and what the housing assoc.s had paid out, and also period for which compensation offered.

ACTION: Dennis Jones to send documents to MP who will look into it.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Residents raised LTNs,

ACTION; Residents to write to TRA . Cllr Jaffer can arrange for Rezina Chowdhury, Cabinet member to attend.

(Subsequently to meeting Cllr Jaffer contacted Rezina Choudhury who said she would prefer that residents should write to Cllr Rezina with their feedback on LTN, rather than us organising a meeting.)

Any Other Business

Parking/driving with anti-social behaviour discussed

Inadequate pigeon netting at Sheppard House: dead pigeons found on balcony.

Why new kitchens for some in Saunders house and not others.


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