NHG postpone sinking fund for leaseholders

NHG have agreed to postpone the implementation of a sinking fund for leaseholders after pressure from residents

Several people contacted us earlier in 2022 about the fact NHG had introduced a sinking fund without consultation.

Sophie and Yemi have been chasing NHG about this.  Thanks to both of them.

NHG have now said “The sinking fund will be refunded to leaseholders accounts. This will take place for all leaseholders as is a correction within the live accounts. If residents have credit above that is expected we can arrange refunds to individual bank accounts. This will be on a case by case basis dependent on each account”.  However, they add “We do intend to begin collecting the sinking fund and will therefore inform all leaseholders of this change moving forward so that it can be properly included in future demands”

So a partial success, and particular thanks to Sophie and Yemi for making this happen. 

We discussed this matter at the meeting with the Leasehold Advisory Service in September 2022

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