Optivo To Install Secure Cycle Parking

Success – Optivo have agreed to install secure cycle parking as the result of our campaigning

As of July 2022 there is bike parking in the following locations

  • To the South of Morrison House
  • Outside 1-28 High Trees
  • Outside Worthington House
  • Near Keylway House (not yet installed, but construction work has started)

Full details on locations here

The bike stores will be fitted with coded locks.

Optivo will be responsible for the maintenance of these bike store units and they will be inspected monthly as part of the usual Estate Services inspections.

Once installations are complete, Optivo will contact residents who are on their records as having requested a bike parking space to provide them with the code. If you have requested bike parking and haven’t received a code please contact us

If you haven’t requested bike parking it’s not too late to do so.

We’re still waiting for details of how to how much the cycle parking will cost.

We’ve been campaigning on this since November 2021. It’s great we’re making progress

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