People in Ewen Crescent want cycle parking

We’ve found lots of people in Ewen Crescent and Tulse Hill who would appreciate bike parking

In total there are:

  • 7 people in Bell House
  • 1 person in Courier House
  • 3 people in Hamers House
  • 3 people in Kelyway House
  • 2 people in Loveday House
  • 3 people in Tebbs House
  • 1 person in Worthington House

Here are some of the stories we heard

  • I cycle to work every day. I have arthritis and Sciatica and bringing my bike up the stairs every day is a chore
  • My 14 year old son would like to cycle but has nowhere to store his bike
  • My son’s bike is very hard to get up and down the stiars and takes up a lot of space on the balcony
  • It would allow me to free up space in my flat
  • It would allow me to free up space in my garden
  • I would not buy a bike without convenient storage

This issue doesn’t just affects cyclists. We met a non cyclists who supported secure cycle parking because it would stop people parking their bikes of the balconies. And another resident had “friends and clients who come to my house and need some place to store their bikes safely”

Thanks to everyone who signed our petition. And particular thanks to Chris, Ed, Heather, Sophie (pictured) for braving the cold and the rain to talk to residents.

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