Sheppard and Godolphin House need cycle parking

Thanks to everyone who helped us petitioning for more cycle parking

We found people in Sheppard House and Godolphin House who would appreciate cycle parking. Here are some of the stories we heard

“I never get to cycle because there is no where to park my bike”

“I have a cram my bike in and out of my door and up and down stairs. It’s such a hassle”

“I have 3 kids and my balcony is small”

“We have to store bikes on the landing, and this isn’t safe”

“My nephew has a bike and we have barely any space for it”

“I have two bikes to keep healthy”

Residents also stressed a safety camera was important to ensure bicycles were not stolen

Cycle parking is needed in other parts of the estate too. Will our landlords listen?

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